Soap Dispenser

Soap Dispensers are used to effectively house hand soap in public areas in a volume that works for the amount of people using the space.   It is a more economical way to promote good hygiene habits as it is more cost effective than buying individual bottles of hand soap and far more sanitary than soap bars. 

The dispenser is filled with sanitizing hand soap.

There are various makes and finishes of dispenser to complement the design of the area as well pocket friendly but high quality styles to suit your needs.

For the best option for you and to check on the availability, please contact the Alcocks sales team.

Available from Alcocks

Clear Vu soap dispenser from Alcocks. Soap dispenser

The Clear Vu Soap Dispenser


White ABS Plastic Soap Dispenser frm Alcocks. Soap Dispenser

Plastic Soap Dispenser


Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser from Alcocks. Soap Dispenser

The Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser


More options available on request