Paper Towel Dispenser

Paper Towel Dispensers are sanitary methods of hand drying using either a roll paper towel called reflex paper or folded paper towels.  They are found in frequently used areas. 

Paper towel dispensers are very hygienic to use as they do not harbour bacteria and used towels are deposited into a lined wall bin.

The reflex paper towel dispensers are available in manual and automatic which has a sensor and dispenses paper as a hand is waved in front of it. 

Folded paper towel dispensers have already cut and folded towels that are pulled out the bottom of the unit.

There are various makes and finishes; some are available in plastic, white or stainless steel.

Please contact the Alcocks sales team for more information about paper towel dispensers

Available from Alcocks 

Stainless Steel paper towel dispenser from Alcocks Hygiene services. Alcocks.

The Stainless Steel Paper Towel Dispenser

White PLastic Paper Towel Dispenser from Alcocks. Alcocks

White Paper Towel Dispenser


Many more options availble on request