Hot Air Dryer

Hot air dryers are favourite way for many people to dry their hands especially since most of them have a no touch feature.  This ensures good hygiene especially in frequently used areas.

The hot air dryers are wall fitted with several types being available.  Dryers are available in stainless steel finishes and the usual white with different styles, price options and wattages.

For reasons of good hygiene the auto hot air dryer is most popular.

For an option that best suits you please contact the Alcocks sales team

Available from Alcocks

Stainless steel hot air dryer from Alcocks hygiene services. Alcocks.

Stainless Steel Hot Air Dryer

hot air dryer from Alcocks hygiene services. Alcocks.

Standard White Hot Air Dryer


 V Dry Hot Air Dryer from Alcocks Hygiene Services. Alcocks

The V-Dry Hot air Dryer: with a wind speed of 271 - 362 KM/H and a heating element of between 450 - 900W, your hands dry in rapid time


 Many more options available on request