Sani Bins

Sani bins, otherwise known as “she bins” provide a safe, hygienic and discreet way of disposing of feminine waste.

As the responsible service provider, we collect the waste ensuring that it is done in the least offensive way possible, we also clean and sanitize the bin and insert a fresh lining with an anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agent in it.

This ensures there is no bacterial contamination and eliminates the spread of bacterial illnesses.  The waste from sani bins is classed as medical waste and must be disposed of in the proper way outlined by government.

There are many types of sani bins, some of which include the pedal bin which is opened by stepping on a pedal at the bottom of the bin, an auto bin which has a sensor and is entirely no touch or a basic lift lid to dispose of the item.

Whether you require a sani bin for a purely practical purpose of if you need a sense of design as well, we can find you a bin that meets your needs and wallet.

Please read the sani bin info for more information on this service.
For the best option for you and to check on the availability, please contact the Alcocks sales team.