Electrical Services

Our Services to You

  • Test and Repairs for Certificates of Compliance

    Alcocks had introduced the electrical division as a solution for property professionals who needed the added services for the issuing of the ECB Electrical COC’s (Certificates of Compliance). We in fact provided a one stop shop for the issuing of both required certificates.

    We do a full electrical inspection as well as any repairs that may be necessary for the certificate to be issued.

    We also ensure that the estate agents and transferring attorneys have their required copies.

  • New Electrical Installations in Construction

    Alcocks also does installation in construction which includes electrical installations on containers at site or to the structure under construction.

  • Alterations and Additions

    We do electrical installations on alterations and renovations and we are able to issue a COC on the work we have done.

  • Maintenance and Repairs

    Our maintenance and repairs teams are available to domestic clients for fitments as well as repairs and maintenance of homes, as well as offering a broad spectrum of services to commercial and industrial clients.

    Our electrical division also offers thermo scans or infra-red scanning and reporting of hotspots on DB boards.