Electrical Installations in New Structures

Alcocks Electrical Services has a separate division that installs electrical installations in new structures and major building alterations.

Probably the most vital ingredient is a clear idea of what you want where. Bad planning can lead to increased costs.

The approximate location of plug points and the main distribution board must be known before the floor slab is cast. Changing location after the floor is cast can mean expensive re-routing through the roof for electrical outlets that are near the floor.

Similarly, when building a multi-storey structure, it is vital to know where the light fittings are going to be located for the rooms below the deck being cast. Changing location of light fittings afterwards can lead to unsightly visible cabling, or even force the need to install a false ceiling.

The location of telephone points must also be considered. All new telephone cabling to buildings is now installed underground. Telkom has stringent requirements for the tubing conduit to carry telephone lines.

There needs to be good communication between the builders and electrical contractors as to the time frame of each stage. For example, it is rather frustrating watching an electrical contractor chasing freshly plastered walls to install electrical conduit, boxes and cabling. This sort of work needs to be completed before plastering commences.

It is also useless to install surface electrical fittings until the painters are finished. They are just going to remove it to get a neater finish and then the electrical contractor has to reinstall.

To download a clear guide as to what should be done when, download this handy step-by-step guide.